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RISE Learning Zone is a small education organisation with a passion for and commitment to learning for some of the most disadvantaged young people in Nottingham, with a unique approach. Building on a history of nurturing, wraparound support for young people and their families, RISE aims to develop a whole learning community, recognising that all individuals, of any age, should have the opportunity both to learn and to teach. Today our small team of experienced professionals and volunteers are creating a programme responsive to the needs of young people, their families and the wider community, and imagining a learning environment where everyone is on a journey of self-discovery through education.

At our new site on the outskirts of Nottingham, set in a hectare of woodland, we are building our programme around the social, developmental and therapeutic aspects of food, from ground to table: understanding the environment, aspiring to sustainable living both personally and in community, and growing, cooking & eating together. Currently we are offering school places for young learners unable to access mainstream education for various reasons; further programmes will offer formal and informal education around our core interests for the wider community including life-long learning.

We are currently offering 15 places per day for Key Stage 3/4 learners, providing a full and varied curriculum including functional skills, vocational studies, personal development and environmental studies with qualifications from EL-2 to Level 2, depending on subject.

RISE Independent School

In October 2016 RISE was awarded Independent School status by the Department for Education. Plans to admit students from Spring 2017 were delayed with the move to the new site, and we will begin admissions of Independent School pupils in due course.

Find information on our curriculum here. Read our story here.