First half term: done.

After a summer of uncertainty, RISE Learning Zone – renewed, re-envisioned, and independent – opened it’s doors on 2 September to a new cohort of learners and some returning friends. We are proud to have saved every job and every learner place following the closure of the alternative programme by the charity that runs The Zone Youth Project. RISE is so appropriate: for us, it is onward and upwards to greater things. We are grateful to our many friends and supporters – and families for that matter – who encouraged us not to give up but to keep on. Not least to Base 51 and NGY MyPlace, our home, without whom this would not have been possible.

Six weeks later, we are still here! The first half term is complete, and while it has been an immense challenge behind the scenes, we like to think we have presented a seamless transition into RISE for our learners and referrers. There is a long way to go, but we have the passion, the skills, and most importantly the commitment, to see this project through to success. Our plan is unique, our ambitions bold. Over the coming academic year we will be updating here with each step we take. And we’ll welcome all the support, good ideas and good will we can get along the way: why not join us on the journey?