Square300-11RISE Learning Zone

Founded in September 2015, RISE is a not-for-profit education organisation for Nottingham based in a hectare of woodland on the outskirts of the city. RISE was established to accommodate a small number of vulnerable learners on their education journey away from mainstream schools and is growing toward providing educational opportunities for all our constituencies. Recognising that the best learning happens within a responsive and nurturing community, the organisation has a bold mission to provide learners with a unique experience in education, centred on our naturally therapeutic environment, and on food – from ground to table: growing together, cooking together, and eating together.

From a small eight-learner alternative education programme to whole-community education in which young people, staff, volunteers, families and other agencies can consider themselves co-learners and educators, we aim to build a unique and empowering environment for learning.

We recognise that all individuals, of any age, should have the opportunity both to learn and to teach.

Find out more about RISE here. Our aims and objectives can be found here.