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The RISE Learning Community

We  see our organisation – the whole constituency of staff, volunteers, learners, families and supporters – as a learning community. We are a small community, and we have a long way to go to realise all of our ambitions. We will always have a need for inspiration, we will always be open to new ideas, and we will welcome your input.

Take part in the RISE journey. Work or volunteer for the organisation, learn with us, or become a member. We will always welcome new skills.

At RISE we recognise that we do not work in an organisational vacuum: we work alongside a host of institutions, charities and social enterprises who complement, supplement and enhance the work that we do. We like to think that is a reciprocal process. We are now looking for organisations that we can call our associate or partner organisations – our friends and colleagues in education and community development, or companies with ethical and social benefits who are inspired by the same ambitions and aspirations for the social good. Please contact us if you would care to join us for a cup of tea, a cake and a chat.  

Work with us

Opportunities currently available: –

As an employee-owned not-for-profit organisation, we are focused on two things for staff: creating a great working environment for all, and supporting development wherever we can. For us, this means remunerating fairly, managing democratically and investing in training and career development. Since we are at the beginning of the RISE journey we must start small and dream big: our aspiration is to have everyone on a development and learning plan of their choosing, supporting professional and/or personal interest qualification. And for everyone to contribute to the organisation, through their role, in the way that they want; taking the role where they want to go with it.

What does this mean for us, as staff? That we can always see where we are going, and can always determine what we want to achieve.

What does it mean for you? We will not be looking for square pegs to fit round holes: talk to us about what you could bring to the table, inspire us, make us think about our provision in a different light. Whilst we have obligations to our learners, to our referrers, our members and funders, we are always looking for new ideas. Contact Martin Sumner if you want to talk about future careers in the organisation.

Volunteer with us

People from all walks of life volunteer with RISE for a variety of reasons. Whether as a step back into work after time out, to gain valuable experience or just to give something back, we can always find a place for people who want to support our programme: we are lucky to have a group of amazing volunteers who are vital to all that we do.

We have a strong track record of making volunteer places work for people, with a welcoming team ethic and supporting the development of their particular interests or careers. Volunteers often stay with us for the long term, with five volunteers part of the founder membership of the organisation and a number of volunteers moving into paid work with us when circumstances allowed. Others have used our provision as a stepping stone to college and careers elsewhere and we will always help to facilitate this. When RISE is a full Co-operative volunteering will offer membership status and a democratic say in the future of the organisation.

If you are interested in volunteering with RISE, please contact Fiona Bourne by email.

Learn with us

Our goal is to provide life-long learning opportunities in our communities, as we build our funding and resources. Check back here or contact us for more details as programmes are developed.

We routinely provide for students and educators to take placements with us, and can accommodate a range of roles and responsibilities for prospective placements. Please contact Fiona Bourne for an informal discussion on our placement scheme.

RISE offers an alternative education programme with part-time and full-time places for key stage 4 learners who are not in mainstream schools. We are currently offering 15 places per day, providing a full and varied curriculum including functional skills, vocational studies, personal development and environmental studies with qualifications from EL-2 to Level 2, depending on subject. Please use the contact page to get in touch.